Hikes around NZ you can take your dog

Hikes around NZ you can take your dog

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Hikes around NZ you can take your dog

The South Island of New Zealand is a dog-lover's paradise. There are so many hikes that allow you to bring Fido along with you on the trail and enjoy the great outdoors together. Below are some of my favourite dog-friendly hikes around NZ that are perfect for first-time hikers and experienced adventurers alike!

- Awaroa | Godley Head Loop Track

Awaroa is a beautiful beach on the southwest coast of New Zealand's South Island, just a few kilometres north of the city of Te Anau. The area is popular with tourists and locals alike, and it's easy to see why. The entire length of Awaroa Beach is backed by lush bush and native forest, which makes it an ideal place for walking—and takes your dog hiking!

To reach this hidden paradise from downtown Te Anau (about an hour away), you'll need to drive south along Highway 95 for about 20 kilometres until you reach Awaroa Road on your right. Follow this road all the way down until you come across a parking lot at the start of Godley Head Loop Track off to your left (there are no signs).

The track itself follows alongside Awaroa River for its first two kilometres before winding up over some hills that overlook Lake Manapouri in one direction and Lake Te Anau in another. It's well marked by yellow markers throughout most parts, but there aren't too many steep inclines on this route so even beginners would find it easy enough to follow without any issues. You will want some water though—the sun can be brutal here!

- Hideaway Hut Route ( Ahuriri Conservation Park)

The Hideaway Hut Route is a 2.4km loop trail that takes approximately one hour to complete. The trailhead is at the end of Ahuriri Estuary Road and is easily accessible by vehicle. The trail has been well-maintained, so it's suitable for beginners or those wishing to take their dog on a short walk – no steep hills or long walks are required!

- Piwakawaka Track

This easy to moderate loop track is 7.5km (4.6 miles) long and will take you around three hours to complete. There are some steep sections but nothing too strenuous, so it's a great option for dogs who don't like walking on trails that have lots of inclines or rocky areas.

Piwakawaka Track starts at Piwakawaka car park and heads up the hill through native forest with views over the Waitakere Ranges, before emerging onto farmland where there are nice views over the city of Auckland. The track then meanders down into a valley where it joins an old road used by farmers working in this area until about 50 years ago. The route passes through manuka bush before returning through native forest at the end of your walk back at Piwakawaka car park

- Deliverance Cove Track

This is a great hike for dogs and their owners. The track begins at the car park, where there's plenty of space for you to park your car or for your dog to have a poo! From here, enjoy the stunning views of Godley Head as you walk along the beach. You'll pass by several caves as well as some hot pools on your way around this loop track. Just remember to take extra time if you decide to stop and have a dip in one of these natural swimming pools!

Once you've completed this loop track, why not stop off at Awaroa/Godley Head Loop Track? There are plenty more lovely walks here too!

Have a good time.

You're going to have a blast!

  • Be safe. The great outdoors can be a dangerous place. View your dog as you would any other hiking companion, and plan accordingly. If you're going to be out overnight, bring plenty of water and snacks for both of you so that if something goes wrong—and it won't!—you'll be able to stay hydrated and fed until help arrives.
  • Take your time on the trail; don't underestimate how difficult it is for dogs to go up steep inclines or down rocky slopes. Make sure they are comfortable before making the ascent, so that neither of you will get too tired before reaching the summit or deciding on whether or not it is worth continuing down into a valley below (or up another hillside). And don't forget: stopping every once in a while may mean sitting down with your dog for lunch instead of eating it on-the-go as usual! That said...

Whether you’re looking for an easy walk or a challenging hike, these dog-friendly trails around New Zealand will give you the perfect opportunity to explore the country’s beautiful landscape. The best part: You can do it all with your favourite furry companion by your side!